LAWC are Firearm Act specialists in South Africa.

We assist prospective and current firearm owners in obtaining or renewing their firearm licenses. We assist prospective firearm owners in the license application process and can provide professional advice in terms of what to do, where, and when.

In addition we also offer executors of estates solutions to their firearm challenges.

We are registered firearm dealers and have a retail gun shop which trades in new and 2nd hand firearms. We buy and sell firearms. We sell firearm accessories, ammunition  and issue Western Cape hunting licenses for hunters.

We have an onsite indoor shooting range for target shooting and training with handguns.

aim indoor shooting range


Unit 1B 12 Planken Street Plankenbrug Stellenbosch 7600
Tel. 086 11 11 220 | Fax 086 61 86 208

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